Isang Paglalahad.

Pagpapakita sa tunay na nilalaman ng puso't isip.

Lunes, Hunyo 18, 2012

Strangers again.

Differences separates people but united in one faith. 

The end...

Every beginning has it's own end, but most of us are not aware is to when that end will come. Sometimes, we tend to escape that kind of mentality just to show we are not afraid that something will end. If we have all powers to know our ending, then we have a chance to make it as simply as it could be...happiness will follow. I'm afraid, and i always do but things happen for a reason.

As of this writing, my emotions are cold as the dew drops in the morning. Maybe this is the result of all negatives and positives vibes i took, i'm weak. One of my team mates once said "wheng bat ang galing mong mgtago ng emotions, u look strong outside, but deeply inside ur crying" i said, " lors, artista baya ko basig kalimot ka" she said " there! u still have that kind of attitude to make people smile even if your not, kaya pala a lot people likes you here a floor" i said " thank you lors (teary eyes)"... Going back, every ending doesn't mean the end of everything, life has a lot to offer.

There are two tragedies in life. One is not to get your heart's desire, the other is to get it. Let me end this blog with this inspiring quote from Molly Gordon " let's honor our mistakes by allowing them to teach us. Let's consider our failing to be gifts, and share them humbly with others. Let the cracks of out perfect facades let in light and air so that new life can grow through them"