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Linggo, Nobyembre 24, 2013


Lost in TIME

I cant find my drafts posts T_T...trying to remember; "while writing this post, someone is playing ONE LAST CRY from the next room."WTF.

March-August : it was the peak of this years story;

CAREER - was promoted as a trainer specialist in VXI GLOBAL HOLDINGS INC.
- was able to prove to myself that i can manage my career really well.
                - was able to know who are the right people i can deal with.
          - was able to gain the trust from my work place and co-employees.
        - was able to fight whats my right.
        - was able to value the things i have and work for the things i wish to have.

PERSONAL - now this is a bit hard. Few things i can remember,
   - i was then happy and then satisfied, yet it was just a dream but it will be treasured forever.
   - was able to gain a lot of friends...
   - no matter what month in a year, i always say, the best people who will be there in  times of troubles, shortcomings, issues i can't personally handle, challenges life offers me, the support coming from them are truly GOD's gift - MY FAMILY ^_^

September-October: nothing really special. Was then focused on my work. "I touch the Future, I Teach"

November : A month full of surprises. Knowing and touching people lives are not just an opportunity, not even a chance but it's a priceless gift.

The Highlight:

It's been a while since i had a chance to fall for someone, yet every time that feeling comes things wont work the way i want it. Maybe it is not yet for me or maybe this is not for me. Been assessing myself if there's something wrong how i approach things like this... and yes i figure out 1 thing, I'M AFRAID, truly i am. Until now, no one ever helped me ease that feeling and i just can't find someone to help me.

Above all, I always thank God for everything.